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Say Good-bye to Nagging Computer Problems for Good!

You rely on your technology to get things done. Your computers, your printers, your network. When systems go down, programs load slowly, or you can’t get to the files you need, productivity plummets. Your employees can’t get work done. Someone’s on the phone with tech support, again…

Every time something breaks, it costs you money and you never know how much it’s going to be. To make matters worse, the same annoying problems seem to crop up again and again.

You’re beyond frustrated. Why is this stuff so hard? Why can’t your technology just WORK?

The truth is, it CAN, but it starts with the RIGHT kind of support for your network.

Right now you probably try to spend as little on technology as possible. You only call in your tech support team when something is really, really wrong. The reason? You know that every time you pick up the phone to tech support, the clock is ticking, racking up billable hours.

You never know what that bill will look like, so you try to avoid it as much as possible. The result is lackluster performance, glitches, nagging problems and lost productivity.

But what if your tech team could keep things from breaking in the first place? What if you weren’t interrupted by nagging problems or worried about your network security? And what if you knew in advance how much you were going to spend to keep your network up and running?

At Tek Busters we call this proactive approach to technology managed services. Instead of putting out fires, we prevent the fires from starting in the first place.

The result is systems that work with virtually no downtime, increased network security and greater peace of mind!

How We Do It:

  • We proactively maintain and monitor every aspect of your network to prevent technology issues before they happen.
  • We recommend the right hardware and software to eliminate nagging problems for good.
  • We make sure your vital data is backed up, safe and always available.
  • We create multiple layers of protection to keep your network safe from hackers, spam, viruses and more.

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You get all of our services for one fixed price that’s easy to budget each month!
Our managed services program is available for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the lower Mainland in Canada including Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, Delta and Richmond.

Want to STOP worrying about your technology and start concentrating on what you do best?

Let us help you get rid of those nagging computer problems once and for all!